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District 65

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When I look in the eyes of my daughter, I know that she deserves better than growing up in a state that is in last place in everything that matters. ALL of our children deserve better.

Part of the problem plaguing our state is that politics has been about "me" for way too long. My mission isn't about me, this is about us-the people of District 65 and the State of Louisiana. 

I'm from here and I'm for here and my faith in God is what guides me. I will proudly represent and advocate for the people our district. Please join me at the polls on October 14th.

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About Lauren

Lauren is a graduate of LSU and received her Juris Doctorate and Master's of Public Administration from Southern University, graduating with honors.

Lauren has been a small business owner, proudly running her own law firm, for 9 years. She has represented countless clients over the years and specializes in injury law. She enjoys helping people in difficult times and protecting their rights to ensure they are treated fairly during the accident process. Lauren also serves as a volunteer attorney to LA Humane Society. 

Lauren lives with her husband, Adam Brister, and their daughter Vivian Rae on a 14 acre farm in Central where they attend Covenant Community Church. Adam is a United States Air Force Pararescueman with multiple tours of duty. On their farm they enjoy raising a plethora of animals including babydoll sheep, goats, minature donkeys, emu, horses, a cow named Norman and an 100 year old tortoise named Eugene.



"Let's face it, not all Republicans are the same and talk is cheap. It's time for representation that has skin in the game, understands our values and knows how to stand up for them."

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